Having a Therap?

Wednesday 19th

Woah! A good night’s sleep. I wonder whether it is the anti-depressants or just exhaustion from the sleepless nights of the journey and last night finally catching up. I did feel a little anxious and paranoid for the first couple of hours but, apparently, that is a normal side effect at the beginning of treatment with anti-depressants. I was offered some valium to ease the anxiety but declined, preferring to ride it out to see where it went. It did improve and I became more at ease again.

Today I had a session with a therapist – not so much for a therap but just to record some initial base scores. Some kind of questionnaire to measure my present state of mind, how I felt etc… She did recommended, however, based on my answers, that I join a six-week intensive program soon but because I’m going to Canada in May there’s not enough time before then. It would be good for me to come down once I’m back. The six week stay is, according to the therapist, pretty hard work and includes lots of activities; and ‘homework’. I look forward to some real work on my personal think tank.

The rest of the day was taken up with friendly banter with fellow inmates and lots of just sitting quietly in company. Food was plentiful and I almost overdosed on caffeine but controlled my hyperactivity enough to watch another couple of films – carpet bowls didn’t appeal to me so I took residence in front of the TV and alternately read and watched the idiot box until I was tired.

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