13th August: Down and Out in Victoria

After Burnett Bay I decided that I could no longer continue and had to get out. So now I have an Internet connection for a day or two I’ll be posting novel-style with updates from the beginning of the journey that I didn’t get chance to post earlier, mixed with present-day updates (Just to add to the suspense).

Presently in a hostel in Victoria – a wonderful place called Ocean Island Inn. It’s a bohemian hostel with lots of great and real people. Never did I expect to find an environment where I’d be sharing life’s experience with such a variety of well-traveled people. The atmosphere is calm and accepting with comfortable shared areas and good music in the background. In the lobby there is a constant stream of interesting-looking people checking out, hanging out, or booking in. We’ve been here over a week now and have built a good relationship with the ‘regulars’ here who are either regular employees or work in return for free accommodation and food (a really nice arrangement). I think both me and Jenny will come back when we have work permits arranged.

There’s a belligerent rain falling from the sky after what seems like weeks of hot hot weather, and the trees seem to be shouting words of happiness from their own tops. I would willingly, if I could afford it, stay here until my flight back to Scotland. Alas, we must improvise and revert to cheaper forms of accommodation: the noble tent.

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