2nd June

I woke after a deep sleep, glad to be alone with Chief of the River (Hiyakaw e te Sta Luxw). It feels safe and peaceful. I had a good few hours with the canoe before the rest of the crew returned from Pitt Meadows and their cool beds and bacon breakfast. A farewell from the native people and friends on the bank and we were on the way again into the Fraser River and past the floating pastures of dead trees and the mills that grind the corpses into small pieces for whatever building or gardening purpose people put them to. I’ll never see garden mulch or sterling board in the same way. There were miles of corralled logs on the river waiting for their fate in an expensive new apartment block or shopping mall. After landing at the Musquiem we put the canoe on the trailer and went back to Pitt Meadows for coffee, a comfortable bed – and to plan the next leg of the journey where Don’s boat, Petrel, will join us.

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