7th June

Sechelt to Half Moon Bay.


There was a small swell coming beam on to the canoe and there were sand banks and snags (logs or other debris that was lodged in the mud but largely hidden from view, just below or protruding slightly above the surface) we had to be aware of along the coast. It was a tiring day but we arrived at Half Moon Bay and were offered the Community Hall to sleep in – a sparse hall but with kitchen and toilet facilities. Nearby were large houses with neat lawns and ‘keep out’ signs. The beach nearby seemed to be populated by blond debutants with way too much brown skin for the skimpy clothing they wore. Relatively tame crows looked on the scene and decided that the pet food that was laid down for Cooper – our beloved four-legged friend (dog) – was more attractive than the high acreage of human flesh. Speed boats scooted on the surface of the water with children on rubber toys in tow. No internet or shop within walking distance here.


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